Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning is one of our specialties!

Got dirty rugs? No problem!

At Quality Air Care (QAC) our technicians have the training, equipment, and know-how required to get your rugs looking great again.

We provide on-site area rug cleaning, for your Orientals, Persians, and more.

Our area rug cleaning process uses no harmful chemicals and is safe for the family, your pets, and the environment.

QAC drys rugsQAC cleans rugsHaving your rugs cleaned regularly will do more than just make them look better. Regular maintenance also helps to prolong the life of your rug. You probably paid some good money for that one special rug, the one that makes just the right statement. Perhaps you have several more like that one.

Regardless of how many area rugs you own, you will want to protect your investment. The best way to do that is with routine cleaning.


Our technicians will give your rugs the most thorough cleaning available. We use state-of-the-art equipment, techniques, and cleaning products. We understand that not all rugs are created equal, and we approach each area rug cleaning with that exact mindset.

Each rug is going to have its own individual needs, whether it be a standard cleaning, stain removal, or even odor issues. So for each rug, we have the ability to clean as gently as possible or aggressively as necessary.

The technicians at Quality Air Care have the experience to recognize what is needed and then how to proceed with the appropriate cleaning methods.

At QAC, we are happy to answer any questions you may have about our area rug cleaning services. We can set you up with an appointment or give you a free estimate. We have a great reputation and would love to have you as a respected member of our clientele. Let us help you keep your rugs looking their best!

Give us a call today at 631-329-5764. Our professionals will safely clean your rugs!