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Quality Air Care (QAC) Chimney Cleaning

Our Quality Air Care (QAC) technicians are trained and equipped to perform spotless chimney cleaning for your home! With the most modern equipment and training, QAC will do the best chimney cleaning job possible.

When was the last time you thought about chimney cleaning?

Perhaps you last thought about chimney cleaning near Thanksgiving, when you lit that roaring fire and hoped for the best. Well, if your home’s domestic hot water and heating system are fired with gas or oil, your chimney is working hard for you, every day of the year. Your chimney needs yearly inspection and cleaning to keep your to keep your family safe and keep your home’s heating system working efficiently.

QAC delivers superb chimney cleaning with its new state of the art chimney cleaning system.

Our investment in the most modern and effective chimney cleaning system means great benefits for you.

  • Your chimney is completely clean, and your home remains spotless
  • Your risk of chimney fires goes down because creosote build-up is eliminated
  • Your heating bills goes down, because your furnace operates more efficiently
  • Your peace of mind goes up when you light that roaring fire

Did you know that chimney fires cause millions of dollars in home damage every year?

The US Consumer Products Safety Commission reported in 2011 that between 2006 and 2008 there were an average of 27,000 fireplace and chimney-related fires per year! Your fireplace, furnace, and hot water heater produce combustion gasses that flow up your chimney.

QAC Chimney CleaningDepending on what you burn in the fireplace, and how well your home heating system is working, some of those heating combustion gasses will cool and leave creosote deposits on the inner walls of your chimney. Creosote is highly combustible, and a creosote-fueled chimney fire will burn at more than 2000 F. Heat like that can destroy your chimney and expose your home to a deadly fire situation.

Why put your family and your home at risk, when a QAC chimney cleaning will remove creosote, and restore your chimney to safe, clean operation?  You know there is nothing like the feeling that you, your family, and your home are safe from chimney fires.

Chimney fires are not the only danger you face with a dirty chimney!

Without chimney cleaning, dangerous combustion gasses like carbon monoxide could endanger you and your family.

When your gas or oil-fired furnace or hot water heater burns fuel, gasses like carbon monoxide are produced. Those gasses must be carried safely away from your healthy home. Your chimney does the very important job of keeping those gasses out of your home. However, your dirty chimney won’t be able to do this important job if it is blocked with creosote and soot. That is another reason why it is so important to call QAC for your annual chimney cleaning.

You may think you are safe if your home is equipped with a carbon monoxide detector. However, by the time a carbon monoxide detector sounds, your family is already being exposed to that deadly gas.

Let QAC perform your chimney cleaning today, and eliminate your chimney as a carbon monoxide offender.

QAC is a member of the National Chimney Sweep GuildCall QAC for a chimney cleaning estimate today! Tracy Griffiths and his QAC chimney cleaning team are ready to put the most modern chimney cleaning technology and training to work for you, your family, and your home.

Call us today at 631-329-5764. You’ll be glad you did!