We Remove Vermin Droppings

QAC removes vermin droppings like these!

vermin droppings

Don’t let vermin droppings spoil your home and your health.

Vermin droppings from rodents and other creatures visiting your home are an unpleasant fact here in our East End’s country setting. You probably think those vermin droppings are out in the woods, or somewhere on your lawn, but Tracy Griffiths’ Quality Air Care (QAC) often finds a different story. Every day, we find air ducts, basement floors, loose insulation, attics, and yes, kitchen cabinets covered in dirty droppings.

Here are the culprits

Our local offenders include mice, rats, squirrels, raccoons, and bats. If these unwanted guests have left you some “gifts,” you will want those disease-ridden vermin droppings removed right now. Your QAC team is ready to get your home clean and healthy again. Do not try to sweep or vacuum up the mess yourself. When disturbed, the vermin droppings will turn into noxious dust that, when inhaled, can cause a host of deadly diseases. Here are some signs that it is time to call QAC.

Mouse and Rat Droppings

vermin droppings

vermin droppings removalvermin droppingsMouse and rat droppings appear wherever those rodents have been. They will line your air ducts, lodge in your loose basement insulation, and land in kitchen sink cabinets. The droppings from these rodents will dry out and turn into dust that can infect you and your family with deadly diseases like deadly Hantavirus. Remember, Call QAC to remove these droppings. Do not sweep or vacuum

Where there are rat droppings, there is sure to be urine, which can transmit Leptospirosis. This bacterial disease comes from the contamination of rat urine contamination. Don’t take chances with your family’s health. This is a nasty disease that can cause influenza-like symptoms, high fevers, flu-like headaches and muscle aches,  and possible kidney and liver disease.

Squirrel Droppings


vermin droppingsvermin droppings

Squirrels leave scent trails that attract other squirrels with the promise of shelter and food storage. Before you know it, your attic or basement will turn into a squirrel latrine.

Don’t try to clean up squirrel droppings yourself. You run the risk of salmonella infection,  which can have dire consequences for you, your family, and your guests. Remember that dried vermin droppings turn to dust, which you can inhale or ingest. Call QAC now at 631-329-5764 now.


Raccoon Droppings

vermin droppings

vermin droppingsvermin droppingsRaccoon droppings can be deadly. Raccoons love to enter attics, chimneys and garages, and guess what they leave behind. Raccoon droppings… that can cause an awful disease called baylisascaris. Who wants loss of muscular control, blindness, and coma? Not you, or your family. Do you want to know more about baylisascaris? See what the CDC says.

Diseased raccoons will spread baylisascaris eggs in their droppings. You, your family, and your guests may become ill after ingesting baylisascaris eggs from dropping dust. Children, the elderly, and those with weakened immune systems are at greatest risk. These droppings are responsible for a deadly form of encephalitis in young childrenTracy Griffiths and the QAC team will remove the raccoon droppings and the risk of in-home contamination. 

Bat Droppings

vermin droppingsvermin droppings

vermin droppingsBat droppings are bad news. We have loads of bats out here in the country. While bats look like flying mice, they are really a different species, and carry their dropping carry their own disease dangers. Have you heard of histoplasmosis? It is a nasty and potentially fatal disease contracted from breathing dust from contaminated droppings from animals like bats. Find out more at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


 QAC knows the health and safety of your family and your guests is so important to you.

Don’t let family and friends come into contact with or breathe in the disease-ridden dust that we all know results from vermin droppings. As the vermin droppings dry and turn to powder, they enter the air that you and your family breathe. If the droppings are in your air ducts, the potential for health problems is worse still.

vermin droppingsQAC’s trained technicians have the experience and equipment to get those vermin droppings out of your living environment, and get your home back to a clean, healthy, and safe state.

QAC cleans up the mess, and removes the scent trails, so the critters don’t come back. Animals from rats to raccoons follow scent trails to safe places, like your contaminated home. When QAC cleans up the mess, the scent trails go cold, and the mice, rats, raccoons, and other unwanted guests will find their bathroom facilities elsewhere. Let QAC remove the diseased mess, and the invitation to passing vermin, today. Let QAC get rid of your vermin droppings.

Vermin droppings are dirty, and loaded with disease potential. With QAC’s expert vermin droppings remediation team,  leaving that disgusting mess in your basement, crawlspace, attic, insulation, garage, or other home space makes no sense at all. Especially when QAC is only a phone call away, at 631-329-5764.

Rememberkeeping your home free of vermin droppings means helping to keep you, your family, and your guests safe from the potential for disease and suffering. With QAC, it is so easy to get your home vermin-dropping free today.

The QAC team is equipped to provide you with the animal dropping relief you need to ensure a safe and healthy home for you,  your family, and your guests. Give us a call today, at (631) 329-5764 for more information about our vermin droppings removal services.