Upholstery and Drapery Cleaning

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upholstery and drape cleaning

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Yes, you can get on-site upholstery and drapery cleaning!

Sit back and relax. Don’t move a thing. We’ll take care of it for you.

Quality Air Care (QAC) technicians are experts in upholstery and drapery cleaning! In some special instances, we have the ability to pick up your chair cushions and clean them at our shop. Talk with us for a FREE consultation. Let Tracy Griffiths’ Quality Air Care (QAC) professional staff take care of cleaning your draperies and upholstered furniture.

upholstery and drapery cleaningYou’ll get excellent cleaning upholstery and drapery cleaningresults on:

  • All types of drapery
  • Mattresses, upholstered frames, and headboards
  • Wall upholstery and partitions
  • Wood blinds and shades
  • Upholstered furniture, cushions, and covers


upholstery and drapery cleaningYour upholstery will first be pre-tested for colorfastness. This will help us determine whether it needs to be dry cleaned or cleaned with moisture. Then we’ll gently pre-treat the fabrics and clean, based on your fabric type.

After the cleaning, you will likely want Scotchgard™ fabric protector to help keep your upholstery looking beautiful. Most fine upholstered fabrics have Scotchgard™ applied when they are new. But every two years, you should consider reapplying a coat of Scotchgard™ for optimum protection.

Whatever your fine fabric cleaning needs are, we are experienced in taking care of them.

Call us right now at 631-329-5764 for a FREE upholstery and drapery cleaning consultation.

We’ll come out at no charge to identify your needs and show you how we can help.