Water Damage Restoration

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Water Damage Restoration

Quality Air Care (QAC) technicians are experts at water damage restoration, and your QAC water damage restoration team is trained and equipped to handle every facet of protecting you, your family, and your home from the worst effects of flooding.

When water collects in your home where it doesn’t belong, you have water damage!

Sure, you may be thinking of nature filling your home with rainwater and/or seawater due to storms. Of course, we all remember the flooding that Hurricane Sandy brought to the Hamptons. That is certainly flooding, requiring water damage restoration

But, what if your washing machine overflows or one of your domestic water pressure tank leaks and your basement fills with water? That is a flood too, and your first thought should be “I’ll call QAC for water damage restoration RIGHT NOW!”

Water, water everywhere… What will QAC do for you?

The first step in water damage restoration is to stop the flooding. When Mother Nature has caused the problem QAC can get to work as soon as the deluge has ended. The sooner you call, the sooner your water damage restoration will begin.

In case the flooding is from an in-home source (e.g. appliance, plumbing fixture, water pipe) the leak source must be isolated from your domestic water supply or septic system so the flooding stops. Unless the source of the flood is obvious and equipped with a homeowner accessible shut-off valve, let a professional plumber handle this task.

QAC flood remediationRemember, the rule is “Safety First”! Avoid a “Shocking Experience” by turning off the electric power to a basement that has significant flooding, before heading downstairs!

Once the source of the flooding has been addressed, QAC will go to work. QAC uses a combination of powerful de-watering pumps, fans, and drying agents to dispose of the free-surface water.  When the water has been removed, QAC segues into water damage restoration.

Damage Control – Mold Removal, Area Rugs and Carpets, Upholstery and Drapery, Tile and Stone Floors

When the flood waters are removed, the real work begins. Wet sheet-rock, wood, and concrete are breeding grounds for mold. Mold is bad for you, your family, and your home, so QAC will apply its Mold Removal expertise control and eliminate the spread of mold throughout the flood zone and the rest of your home.

Wet carpets and area rugs are at risk for permanent damage after flooding. Your beautiful and special area rugs need the immediate Area Rug attention that QAC experts will deliver. We can attend to your area rugs in our own facility, while we work to dry your home and remediate any mold that begins to form. Your carpets are no different. Our carpet cleaning expertise enables QAC to clean your carpets in place.

Your upholstery and drapery may have suffered during your home flood. That’s the bad news. The good news is that QAC technicians are experts in cleaning and treating your upholstery and drapery. Don’t wait! The sooner we begin to work with your flood-damaged items, the better the chance they can be restored to their original state.

Tile and Stone floors are not immune from flood damage. Dirt and sand carried in by a flood can scratch your floors. Your tile may be stained after flooding. QAC’s expert team of tile and stone cleaners will go to work to restore your tile and stone floors to their original beauty.

QAC expertise and equipment attacks flood damage before it attacks you

When you have a flood, your QAC team of experts knows what to do to minimize the water damage and maximize the likelihood that you, your family, and your treasured home are spared the lingering effects of mold and water damage.

Of course no one wants a flood, but if you have one, call QAC at 631-329-5764, and we will get right to work!